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Committee Week Two

Lawmakers are reconvened for the second week to consider filed bills for the 2018 Legislative Session.

A Conversation with Rep. Jay Fant

State Rep. Jay Fant (R-Jacksonville) is running for Florida Attorney General.

Spotlight on HSN

Brad Swanson interviews Jen Cotter, Executive Vice President of TV, Content and Programming at HSN

When the internet launched in the ‘90s, it ushered in an era of revolutionary innovation.

In D.C., policymakers from both parties had the vision to see that America would need a responsible yet competitive regulatory framework which would encourage innovation, private-sector investment and accelerate the deployment of network infrastructure.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) demonstrated leadership by establishing regulations for the internet known as Title I that would empower free market competition to flourish while driving technological advancement in an emerging industry.

As result of that framework, the United States has a broadband network which is the envy of the world. Here in Florida, more than three million households now have a high-speed connection to the internet.